Court Surfacing

No matter if you are installing a new court or repairing an existing court we recommend and use Advantage Sport Coatings and the ARMOR®Crack Repair System.  


Why Advantage Sport Coating?

Ultimate playability
100% acrylic-textured surfacing ensures that courts maintain a consistent speed of play. Nonslip texture offers superior traction. Low-sheen, glare-reduced finish helps you focus on the game. 

Proven durability
High-pigment, fade-resistant colors keep courts vibrant year after year. All-weather surface stays resilient.

Vivid variety
Diverse color palette helps courts stand out, or blend in with existing surroundings. 

Exceptional experience
Decades of surface coatings knowledge, long-standing and a proven track record.

Court Repair

The most common problem with asphalt courts is cracking. Cracking is caused, in part, by asphalt's natural tendency to shrink as it weathers and ages. In addition, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle over time. Since outdoor courts are also exposed to temperature extremes that cause expansion and contraction, cracking is inewvitable almost without exception. Quality design and construction may minimize or delay cracking but it cannot completely eliminate it. Once cracks appear, it may be impossible to repair their cause, but it is not impossible to repair the cracks themselves with the ARMOR®Crack Repair System.

                                                          Before / After

                                                          Before / After

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